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'04 Lincoln Ls, aftermarket stereo issues, Gotta love it. If you have a heart you'll help


New member
Okay I have a 2004 Lincoln Ls V8, used to be my stepmoms and now it is mine lol. I've had it for about a year and I love it. There has been many little issues here and there but nothing major and I've learned a lot working on it.
Every guy in this area can't freaking stand a girl that is interested in anything "car-related" apparently, they are complete "know it alls" who have been sorely wrong every time because they don't even take a second to think or discuss anything with me. Really I'm just a curious-ass nerd who wants to "know it all" myself lol.
Anyways right now my problem is, I installed an aftermarket radio myself and now that it's all done, when I turn the car on and off nothing happens, the radio doesn't turn on or off. But if I click the display button the radio it turn on and the time pops up on the screen but it only stays on for a bout 5-10 seconds then the whole thing turns off, illumination and all. During that 5-10 seconds the only button I press that registers is the disc eject button and the stereo will say "ejecting" but then it still turns off in the same amount of time as every time. Does anyone know wtf could be causing this or how I fix it? Preferably without having to buy anything. I've spent hours looking sh*** up and I can't find ANYTHING. So help me out, and just a little p.s. I'm basically illiterate in any car/vehicle terminology so be easy with me. K thanks :)