03 town car vs 87 iroc

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Pulled up to a light on a cold night about 2am.
Then i hear some white snake song and look over to my right and see a black iroc camaro with t-tops off and a funky looking dude with a multet singing along to still of the night, he looked at me and we both knew it was on.
Light turned green and i got the jump on him(i been street racing for over 20 years and can always get the jump on a light)
then it happened, he pulled ahead of me and smoked my ass. I thought i had a chance after reading stories here about crotch rockets, s/c ed ram truck, trans ams etc...
Please lets be real!!!
These cars are luxury cruisers not street bruisers


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We'll see about that. I have a 1998 charcoal gray one that I'm driving at the moment. Looking for another with a body and chassis as clean as the one I own. As soon as one becomes available for under three (Don't need a running car- extreme high mileage?) I will be dropping in a cammed up modular block with a Trick-Flow intake/headers. Not sure of the bore size just yet, playing around with the math. Buy the book "Auto Math." Very, very valuable for figuring this out. Written by engineers who know what they're talking about. In other words, I want a true bone-stock looking Cadillac killer!