03 Aviator 4.6L sitting for 1 year= knocking and "low oil light"- Oil pan drop?


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03 Aviator 4.6L sitting for 1 year= knocking and "low oil light"- Oil pan drop?

Hey guys,
I picked up an aviator about a year ago. It was in limp mode due to the IMRC was broken. I repaired that this week and changed the oil. After about 5 minutes of running, the "Restricted power" phrase came up along with "low oil pressure". It also has a knock if i crank it, which makes me think, the oil is not circulating.

Since it has been sitting so long, I was advised to drop the pan and clean out the pickup and pan b/c they are prob sludged and clogged the pickup. Any ideas?

Does dropping the pan to clean up sound correct?
I do not know how to get that pan out with the sway bar, axle and cross member in the way.

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Same problem. Knocking was due to worn and broken driver side upper timing chain tensioner guide. Took oil pan down and 85 of guide fell out. Rest of the broken chunks were in the pan and pickup screen (which caused the low oil pressure light/tone). Removed pickup tube and cleaned screen. Put oil in it and drove home 2 miles from my military base auto shop(no fear of more broken nylon track.
Found a private mechanic who is currently removing/replacing the whole timing kit(online $267). Valve gasket set=$53. Labor 6.6hrs. I'm having him put in a new oil pump since it is coming off while he's in there $82.
Not bad since several shops where quoting 13.3 hrs & $2,500-$3200 for the same job.