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02 Town Car - Engine Cooling Fan Runs On The Coldest Days


New member
2002 Lincoln Town Car
Engine cooling fan runs even on the coldest day.
As an example. Air temp 25F.
Shortly after start up in the morning the engine cooling fan will activate.

I have an OBD bluetooth module and Forscan app to monitor temps and activation of the cooling fan and A/C clutch.

Coolant and Cylinder head temp are also 25F.

The cooling fan will activate when the A/C clutch engages.
I know this is normal operation but IMO the engine cooling fan should not activate at such low temps.

The only EAC mode the cooling fan will not activate is in "Panel" mode. In this mode the A/C clutch will not engage.
So the cooling fan also does not engage.

Is there a separate sensor that controls the activation of the engine cooling fan ?