02 TC Ride height sensor


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After driving for aprox 1/2 hour I get my air suspension lite .. A friend pulled a code C1818 .. LR system timed out .. Does that mean the compressor timed out before it reached the proper ride height signal ? .. The suspension seems to be operating properly .. Meaning it doesn't leak down .. But corrective action is to adjust height sensor . .. The car sits at 27" wheel lip to ground and doesn't appear to be riding high or stiff ..How is the height sensor adjusted ? And what is the proper height for the 02 Towncar ?


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28 1/2. But not set in stone.Mine wile it worked sat at 28 1/2 running but lowered to 27 when sitting ignition off. They will drop a bit and that's normal .mine's was a bit on the extreme end. It could sit for a week and never go below that 27.
Since then I had gone to springs. But when disassembling everything for the springs to go in you have to fasten up the ride sensor you can't get rid of it it needs power to feed through the other things. But I noticed no adjustment on my 98 which would be the same as your 02


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Since you have an 02' go to post #2 in this thread.

I hope it helps but, my experience is that you probably have micro cracks in the folded over portion of your air bags and just enough air is leaking to keep the car too low.

My opinion is the car is telling you it is taking too long to reach proper ride height. Kind of like when people have a missfire and get a code saying the oxygen sensor is out of range. Lots of people will run out and buy a new oxygen sensor, not fixing the problem. The old oxygen sensor was doing its job, and the new one will too, telling them something else is wrong.

Replacing the airbags isn't hard. If you can change out your own brake pads you can replace air bags in 1/2 a day. They will be less than $500 .