01 Town Car intake manifold replacement.


there is a fuel rail heat shield bracket on the back left of the motor. two bolts hold it on. How can I get to the rear bolt. No room.


There are a couple of good YouTube videos that show how to remove that wipers cowl, it really didn't look very hard and is a good idea to clean out the drain in there anyway. Removing the wiper arms on mine is a little tricky since the latch clip won't open until the arm pivot is straightened fully (by lifting the wiper a few degrees).
There are quite a few clips and screws to the cowl, always seems to be one more...

That crash-bracket bolt is a much-hated thing, some folks just cut the bracket off so as not to have to deal with the hidden bolt (what I would do myself).
I felt lucky when I found out that on my '97 I had no such bracket to deal with and was able to get to the last manifold bolt using a swivel socket.


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The cowls on mine were a pita but not difficult, just a million clips and whatnot. Until I got to the wiper mounts themselves. I sprayed them with penetrative oil and struggled mightily with them until finally wrenching them straight up and off their posts.

My crash bracket had a broken bolt pillar, and I couldn't find a replacement, so I'm just moving ahead without it. 🤷
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