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‘09 MKS seat heaters can’t come on with remote start

Dave watson

Junior Member
Has anyone solved the problem of having the heated (and cooled) seats 💺 come on with a remote start? I guess it’s not as easy in our Lincolns compared to cars that have aftermarket seat heaters installed, because the factory switches are electronic, & the aftermarket kit has a toggle or rocker switch that’s mechanical, & can be left in an on (high/low, in my experience) position. As you folks are probably aware, our switches shut off with the car and can only be turned back on AFTER the ignition is turned on. I’ve been putting off having the remote starter installed for 2 years now, hoping that SOMEBODY has come up with an answer to this by now.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. I don’t really want to disconnect the factory heaters and put in an aftermarket kit...

PS, naturally it’s the back seats too! Who’d a thunk an ’09 would have heated REAR seats too?!?

Dave in Newbury, Ma.