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Lincoln Forum: 1990 Mark VII LSC
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    This could apply to 1990-92 models as they all benefit from 16" wheels, 120 MPH speedo, driver's side air bag, etc. Ever since the Mark VII was introduced in 1984 I have admired the exterior styling. For 1990, 16" BBS wheels really completed the sports luxury look. Today these cars are an absolute bargain on the used car market.


    The controversal air ride system. After 15-20 years the air springs, lines and other components are subject to failure. The good news is that it appears to be a relatively simple system to repair, and parts are plentiful either brand new or on eBay. Some people prefer to switch to conventional coil springs instead.

    Body rust. Where salt is used on the roads Mark VII's tend to rust. Luckily you are more likely to find surface rust than actual rot or holes. Problem areas include door jambs, lower doors and around the door handles, and rear wheel lip areas.

    Electrical gremlins. With so many electric gadgets and systems there are a lot of things to go wrong. For example on my car the gas gauge does not work and the tach quits when the lights come on. Strange.


    Styling. In my opinion the Mark VII is the best styled Lincolns since the 1940's. It is one of the rare designs which looks great from any angle. Although Mark VIII's are sleeker, a VII looks tougher!

    5.0L HO. Enough said, a bullet-proof engine when given reasonable care. Known to go 250,000 miles or more with regular oil changes.

    Special Editions. Monochromatic colors including the bumpers. These cars don't come along as often as the regular LSC's.

    Interior. Nicely done and very comfortable as a Lincoln should be! Leather seat bottoms generally show wear on higher mileage examples. Dash and door panels seem to hold up fine with no cracking issues.

    Value. In a word Mark VII's are CHEAP to buy. That's good since it allows a buyer to spend a little extra to fix the car up or make repairs. The rare low mileage Mark VII's which have been stored and fanatically maintained do bring a good buck. Complete parts cars are plentiful and dirt cheap on eBay.


    Go for it! If you've always wanted a Mark VII buy one now at low used car prices. Survivors will only go up in value as the collectibility factor increases.

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    great review, i have to agree whole heartedly!

    BTW, the fuel sending unit in the gas tank reads the fuel for the gauge. could be the first sign of it going bad, but maybe not. could just be a gremlin.

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    Excellent review! Thank you very much! Not enough people use this review section...
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    Agree to the fullest on what you said and my 88 has the same problem with the tach and the fuel reading wrong i think i might drop the tank again and try it all over to see if it works lovely cars just to many electricals lol


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