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Lincoln Forum: Eight Years of Pride and Adventure: 2001 Lincoln Navigator
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    <span style="font-size:36pt;line-height:100% <div align='center'> <div align='center'></div>8 Years of Pride and Adventure: 2001 Lincoln Navigator
    <div align='center'></div>By CarboyNavigator</div></span>

    This is not just an SUV; itís a massive, beautiful, aggressive, and great beast. It has a 5.4 liter InTech DOHC V8 with 300 Horsepower and 355 lb. ft. of torque. Believe it or not, this engine was also placed into the Ford GT after supercharging it. Unlike the Cadillac it doesnít have an exhaust that creates a deep low sound; instead itís the real sound from the engine itself. No worries here.

    Being a passenger of the Lincoln Navigator since I was four or five years old makes me feel great. It reminds you very well of those big Tonka trucks small kids play with. Seven to eight later, I feel that I must express how great it is after the adventure and story we had with it. Itís gone through blizzards, thunderstorms, even 6,288 feet on Mt. Washington! Its powerful engine makes it amazing to take off from toll booths to hear it. Taking it to somewhere would be no problem, it can go just about anywhere.

    What I like about this SUV, besides the engine, is the styling. When it was designed, it was meant not to be flashy like the Cadillac Escalade which really irritates me because of the craze of being ďpimpĒ like Jay Z and Puff Dudly or Didly or whatever heís called this week. The problem with a lot of luxury vehicles is when a new generation comes out, the used Navigatorís on the lot that are previous generation suddenly get bought by people who want to show off because they get very cheap. They start applying ďpimpĒ accessories such as big 24 inch spinners and aftermarket tint windows. This can get really irritating as it can ruin the image of the owners of Navigator who still keep their cars for years and years and make other people think the wrong way. Whatís even worse is that sometimes people donít even care for these great vehicles by not bringing it to a regular scheduled maintenance and because of that, itís destroying the engine. Besides if people canít afford it, why buy the car?

    87,000+ miles of wear and tear, weather, destruction, and fun put into one big amazing package of American luxury, tested by Americaís greatest automotive company: Ford Motor Company. Wait just a second though. There are a few problems with the car.

    I have to admit that as much as I like it, I must be honest about reality. I donít like the interior, the dashboard is plastic and itís taken off a Ford F150. I also donít like that they havenít put any effort into building it as thereís a big giant gap between the hood and the body. What I really dislike that everything starts falling apart after 6 years. The cup holder is broken, the cigarette lighter cover is broken, and the lights on the stereo only work once in a while. If you are going up a hill and you are going a bit slow, you can feel the transmission downshift and the car will jerk a bit as this happens and the ride isnít the softest to be honest and couldíve been better. Also, the GPS isnít really useful as when you drive you have to look down and just to reach the buttons of the GPS you had to have arms as long as your leg. Last to change a wheel, you have to turn of the air suspension, which the button is put next to your foot and the cover is held to what looks like a piece of gum.

    Ignoring all these faults, I have to say the Lincoln Navigator is a great car for a long trip. If you took this car on a journey, you would be very comfortable. Your back will be cushioned by the plush seats and the almost soft ride. Youíll be entertained by the VHS player (if it was the 1990ís) and the stereo which is like a home cinema. If youíre driving, you will enjoy the power and speed that the Navigator delivers and I have to say, I absolutely adore it. What do you think? Have I just gone nuts as a ďfanboyĒ or is it the truth?

    There is one thing I donít want to happen. Sadly this trusty SUV may be replaced by the third generation we may get. I donít want it to happen. Itís been with me for a long time, I want to drive it forever. This is the only car I would keep over anything else in the world; As much as I want and like the new Navigator, I rather have the trusty old Navigator any day.

    Ratings: (Scales 1-10)

    Engine: 10/10
    Performance: 8/10
    Specification: 7/10
    Comfort: 9/10
    Entertainment: 5/10
    Passion and Soul: 6/10
    Fun: 8/10
    Practicality: 6.99/10

    Overall: 8.2/10

    What is it: A Civilized Family Vehicle, but Also a Toy You Can Have Fun With



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