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    Another brief review: Sept. 07 I bought a 98 Mark VIII with 144,000 miles. I am now closing in on 150,000 miles. It had some steering wheel vibration, and I had to get some work done on the front end. I also had to get the air conditioning recharged. The car is a joy to drive. For a relatively big car it is very nimble and agile. The steering and suspension are fairly tight which helps with the handling. The big coupe really accelerates, as someone said very accurately "it takes off like a scalded dog", especially once it gets going (past 40 mph or so). It's 280 hp is enough for me, but it's clearly not a super muscle car. A Mark VIII is a very stylish unique-looking car and looks aggressive and fast even when it is sitting. I am getting almost 22 mpg which isn't bad. It does take premium, but as someone else said "WHO CARES!" I have three cars (including a TC) so I only drive the Mark every three days. If you really want one, get one, but to be truthful a high mileage example will not be a cheap date. There is always concerns about the air ride. Mine is holding up so far.


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