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    Remove this ad is a smaller forum with aspirations to grow. In anticipation of this growth, we felt it was a good idea to lay out an infrastructure for our Classified Forum to protect both buyers and sellers. In no way is, its owners, admins, or moderators responsible for any transactions between its members. As in any online transaction, there is a trust factor involved. In order to have a more friendly Classified Forum, and to help protect all parties, please read the following:

    Rules and Guidelines for Selling in this forum.

    1. Post your product, price and if necessary, a picture. Otherwise your thread will be locked or deleted immediately. Please do not PM the moderator to re-open your thread if it is closed because you did not post a price, you must re-post the item.

    2. Pictures are highly encouraged. Digital cameras have never been cheaper than they are right now. If you can afford a computer with high speed Internet, you can afford even a cheap digital camera. Pictures should be of the highest quality available; nobody wants to see tiny or blurry pictures. Use a site like to host your pictures. To link the picture to this site, copy the [img] tag line and paste in in your post.

    3. Be up front with shipping and handling charges.

    Be sure to state how you will be shipping and how much you will charge. Most shipping companies will give you an estimate based on dimensions of the box, the weight and origin and destination zip codes. Just go to their website.

    We realize that things in your life may happen that prevent you from replying or shipping goods in a timely manner. But if you have a vacation planned, please wait until you come back before you list anything. This includes medical procedures that were not an emergency.

    Folks pay for stuff and they expect fast shipping.

    For instance, I'm headed for FLA tomorrow, so I'm not going to list anything for sale or try to buy anything until I get home.

    If for some reason the sale takes longer than normal and the day before you leave on a vacation the item sells. MAke sure you tell the buyer that you won't be available. Or Post in the thread that you will respond when you get back.

    4. Buyer beware.

    As always it is buyer beware, seller beware. If you are unsure of a person, check their profile, ask around (privately of course), there are many members here who know each other or know of people. This way you can find out if the sale will go positively.

    5. Threads will be closed without warning

    6. Be specific in your descriptions.
    Know your parts. Not every year is compatible.

    7.. You may only have one open thread per part.

    If you created a post two weeks ago and it has disappeared, you can simply "TTT" it rather than create a new thread.

    8. No spamming. This means pick one and only one forum to post your for sale item in, even if it possibly pertains to several models.

    9.. No multi-level marketing schemes. Posting links that guide our members to a scheme that benefits a single member are not allowed. Peddle your free iPod somewhere else.

    10. "Bumping" and "relisting" rules. You can push your thread up (bump) no more then 10 times total. Once a thread is dead you can relist it in 15 days from the day you posted your item the first time (or the date of the last bump at moderators discretion depending on bump frequency). You can relist your item 3 times total. After that you must sell it elsewhere.

    11. No "services" allowed unless authorized by the Moderator. (ex. I can build xxx for you @ xxx each)

    12. No bootlegged software sales. Anyone who knowingly buys or sells bootlegged (Warez) software through this forum will be permanently banned. This includes copies of navigation DVDs. Also, you may not sell Academic or NFR (not for resale / not for retail or oem distribution) software.

    13. No alcohol, tobacco, firearm, or any weapons sales.

    14. No Pornographic (XXX) item sales.

    15. Please limit 'chit chat' in the classified forums to questions and responses about the item being sold.

    16. Calling dibs means absolutely nothing. Who gets the item is the seller's discretion as long as they are not running an auction-style sale. They can reject low offers or even at-asking-price offers based on a number of parameters including prior experience, local buyers, etc.

    17. No 'testing the waters' or 'possibly for sale' posts. Either you're selling the item or you're not. If you're not sure, don't post it here until you are ready. Please do your research on your asking price before posting the item for sale.

    18. New members (either recent joiners by date or few posts) selling high dollar items may have their threads closed or removed due to the risk to our members due to the risk to our members. High dollar items are generally those over $500 but may be defined by moderator's discretion. New members selling high dollar items should be prepared or proactive in offering references from other members who know them, on other forums, etc.

    19. When your item has been sold:
    Please revise the original post so that others and the moderators will know and can close the thread. In addition, if you have multiple items for sale, please update the first post of the thread as to remaining parts.

    This thread is a living document and will be updated from time to time so be sure to check it from time to time before you post a thread. In addition, if you feel something needs to be added, PM me and we'll discuss it..

    In the near future, I will be working on "cleaning" up this forum. If you have a post that needs to be edited, please do so as soon as possible. Once a thread is locked, you will have to repost it.

    Thank you for complying with these rules and regulations.


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