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Lincoln Forum: Blinging Service Engine Indicator Light
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    Question Blinging Service Engine Indicator Light

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    I am new to the Lincoln MKX forum. I would appreciate any input regarding my concern. Until last evening, my 2007 Lincoln MKX has been running smoothly. After my last evening errand, I started my MKX to travel home. Immediately upon starting the engine, I could feel a slight hesitation in the engine as if the idle was slightly off. The service indicator light began flashing; that continued. I turned off the engine and checked my oil level. The oil level was within normal range. When I restarted the car, the service engine light continued to blink. Does anyone have a suggestion as what I should check? About six weeks ago, I did have a Ford dealership replace my Lincoln's leaking gas tank that was a recall issue. Other than that, I have had no recent mechanical repairs or issues. This just happened unexpectedly. Your input would greatly be appreciated.
    Thank you!

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    I would take it to a repair shop or auto parts store & have them plug a scanner into it, to see what codes come up. They should be able to advise you on what it's issue is.

    Good luck!


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