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Lincoln Forum: Find your 2013 MKS door code
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    Red face Find your 2013 MKS door code

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    It is located next to the fuse box, closest to the door side of it. There is 1 wingnut toward the center consul, above the accelerator pedal, holding part of the plastic kick panel on. You don't need to remove any more than that. You should be able to wiggle the panel enough to see the bright white sticker with your 5 digit code and an L at the end to the left of the fuses (toward the door side above the pedals). It took me all of 2 minutes to find my code.

    I hope this helps anyone looking for it.

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    I spent 2 days looking for mine on a 2011. Never did find it.

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    My MKS is a Certified Pre-owned.The dealer provided me with the code, and helped me program 2 additional codes, which activate the driver memory features.

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